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The Jewish Archive of Chile (AJCL) is an institution from the Foundation for the Preservation of the Memory of Chilean Judaism, which gathers and preserves documentation that tells the history about the activities and traditions from the Jewish citizens from Chile. The AJCL provides access to primary sources that talk about the Jewish experience in Chile, from its first manifestations to the present, and provides services to researchers, professionals and students from the local community and abroad.The documentary heritage that guards the Jewish Archive of Chile is integrated by records from organizations, families or individuals; letters, photos, memoirs, minutes and reports, genealogical records and audiovisual materials. Since its creation, more than 70.000 unique and unpublished documents have been compiled, which constitute valuable references for historical research on migratory phenomenon, and we also safeguard more than 3.000 unpublished manuscripts, which allow the main characters of small stories to be rescued from oblivion. We have supported more than 160 researchers from different parts of the world who have consulted our Historical Archive.

The valuable documentary collection that we preserve has been donated by more than 70 families, whose histories build the Jewish memory in Chile.

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