Purpose of the Foundation

The Foundation for the Preservation of the Memory of Chilean Judaism (FPMJ) is a project from B’nai B’rith District 27, a non-profit organization which contributes to the protection, research and promotion of Chilean Judaism, its origin, insertion and its contribution to the Republic of Chile. The FPMJ was born in 2016 in order to rescue the history of the Jews in the country, the creation and development of their community institutions, the stories of their families and the contribution that Jewish people has made in the history of Chile.

To fulfill its mission it maintains the Jewish Archive, which supports research, study and cultural encounters. We aspire to become an informative reference of Chilean Judaism and contribute to the collective memory of Chile by spreading the cultural heritage of Judaism from the local context.

The Foundation is supported by donations, volunteer work, and specific project grants.

In good company

Corporate Directory

Ana María Tapia Adler
Ana María Tapia AdlerPresident
Ula Kychenthal
Ula KychenthalVice President
Zila Fink Isaac de Shcnitzler
Zila Fink Isaac de ShcnitzlerSecretary
Roberto Gejman
Roberto GejmanTreasurer
Marion Zondek
Marion ZondekDirector
Jaime Fuchs
Jaime FuchsDirector
Judith Riquelme
Judith RiquelmeExecutive Director


Lore Hepner
Lore HepnerTranslator
Francisca Undurraga
Francisca UndurragaCurator
Viviana Stuardo
Viviana Stuardo Communications
Constanza Panussis
Constanza Panussis Style correction and editing collaboration
Hernán Carvajal
Hernán CarvajalIT Consultant

Advisory Board

Alberto Gurovich
Alberto GurovichAdviser
Jacobo Cohen
Jacobo CohenAdviser
Silvia Schenkolewsky
Silvia SchenkolewskyAdviser
Efraim Zadoff
Efraim ZadoffAdviser
Miriam Krawczyk
Miriam KrawczykAdviser
Haim Avni
Haim AvniAdviser
Paula Calderón
Paula CalderónAdviser
Valeria Navarro
Valeria NavarroAdviser
Debby Roitman
Debby RoitmanAdviser