An instrument to know the documentary heritage

The Chilean Jewish Archive Project in Google Arts & Culture!

The Chilean Jewish Archive has the honor of integrating the fascinating museums and art galleries that make up the virtual galleries of Google Arts & Culture, being part of the incredible cultural heritage that this project contemplates, and that includes from ancient history and archaeological sites, to science, nature and art.

Through Google Arts & Culture you can explore more than 4,500 museums in a similar way to Google Street View, that is, the user can visit virtually museums around the world, selecting geographic location, artist, theme, color or dozens of more search options, thus, people discover, interact and explore the culture that surrounds us from the computer, cell phone, or whatever device they have at hand.

In this way, the Chilean Jewish Archive makes part of its documentary heritage available to the world.

Yaou can visit our collections here:

We invite you to visit us at Google Arts & Culture here, and to enjoy and get to know the museums and galleries, works of art, street interventions and artists of the world through Google Arts & Culture.