You can write our story

The Jewish Community of Concepción and the Jewish Archive of Chile have joined efforts to rescue the Jewish memory from Concepción by creating a project that invites every member of our community to be a chronicler of our history.

How to participate in this initiative? Search among your papers – recordings, audios, documents, letters – everything that tells your history and the history of your family, and donate or loan them to the Jewish Archive of Chile. This way, we can will build together the history of the Jews in our region.

Your donation will be kept in the Jewish Archive of Chile, which has a professional restoration team and document preservation facilities, with international standards, so they can be preserved to the use of future generations. All donations are protocolized. In the case of loan of material, the originals will be returned once copied and digitized.

Your memories will go from being a relic of the past to a catalyst for the future. “Our memories are a pretext, an excuse to travel to meet who we are …”

We invite you to participate in this project, your story is our history! More information at or the E-mail

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